Thursday, March 27, 2008


why are there so many punks out there? yesterday after a TOO long wait for an un-needed well check for kate, we came out to find our car had been stolen.
the car seats were in there. punks.
our garage door opener was in there. punks.
our dvds. punks.
and most importantly.... kate's all time favorite blanky (which is now more like a rag)
an almost 3 year old is devasted.
pick on someone your own size. ... punks.

in order to try to ease her hurting heart, i took her to pick out any fabric she wanted to make a new blanky. she picked out "princesses" of course, and I swallowed my pride and bought the fabric. thank heavens for "blama linda" who helped her to make her new blanky.


Anonymous said...

that sux, jennie. sherita

suzy said...

BUMMER!!! Isn't it the worst to have sentimental stuff gone? (And the non-sentimental stuff too...:) Did they find your car yet?

up in bubbles said...

This is your long lost buddy Johnny Miller. So guess what... The same day yours was stolen I had two stolen. So i would have to add DOUBLE PUNKS. People really tend to suck these days and I hope they get what is coming to them. I am sorry about your loss and we will both mourn together. hope all works out for you. Take care.


The Facers said...

I hope you find those punks!

Kaymee said...

sad story!!

Travis and Lindsey said...

I'm sorry that totally stinks! Blasted punks! Hope you (and Kate) have a better week!!

Little Baby Manning said...

okay so i came back to check out your blog after our day out and i have missed a lot - your scrapbook pages are DARLING. i so need help - you and trish are making me look REAL bad in the computer department ;)

thanks for a relaxing saturday (at least a few hours) and i'll start stalking you blog a little more frequently :)


Erin said...

I am so sorry!! That is horrible. Did they find the car yet or the people who did it? Hope that you find those dirty punks!

Tiffany & Co. said...

JERKS. I would be sooooo mad, don't think I would get over it. That's a bad deal, so sorry!