Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas!!
(Just a tad late)

{our Christmas card photo}

It's always just a little depressing when Christmas is over. All of the craziness, fun, festivities that require so much preparation are all over in one glorious day... Christmas. Our children are what make Christmas so wonderful, seeing the joy on their faces nearly brings me to tears!

Christmas morning... waiting to go downstairs to see what Santa brought them. Who's ready?

Kate was thrilled to get the blutifol (beautiful) kitchen that she asked Santa for...

Jackson had no doubt Santa would come through and get him a rope with some hooks...
what more could a little boy want?

Taylor got a way to cool purple bike that she couldn't wait to go ride around the neighborhood. (wearing her new leg warmers of course)

And we were all very excited for the new Family Wii that we have been enjoying immensely!

Christmas Sunday

Look at these beauties on the
Sunday before Christmas.

My mom made the girls these adorable skirts (amazing, I know!) and we got Jackson's suit at H & M.

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Tiffany Averett said...

Hi Jennie!

It's Tiffany Averett, you may not remember me from the Town Center ward--we were in the ward together about 5 years ago. I came across your blog from JEK's blog. My husband, Kent and I live in Bozeman, Montana now, we've moved three times since Vegas, it's been an adventure. You're children are so darling! Taylor is just as cute as I remember her as a toddler and Jackson has totally grown up. Amazing how time flies! You're blog is so cute, I had no idea how creative and talented you are. I will be checking your blog often to get some good ideas. Hope you are doing well. My blog is or my email is Chat soon!