Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Fun...

We went to Parowan and Brianhead (in Utah) for Labor Day this weekend. Chad's parents invited us go with them to their condo in Brianhead.... so beautiful, and much cooler weather than the 107 we've been dealing with in Vegas. We headed to the Iron County Fair in Parowan, and the kids were in heaven. We went to the Rodeo, and I am sure the people behind me wanted to beat me up because I kept asking Chad questions like:
"What is the point?"
"I kinda don't get why they are almost killing themselves....?"
"Why do those girls rat their hair so much?"
"So..... they are making the choice to get on that bull,.... right?"

"Is that clown guy supposed to be funny?"

"What is a pig run?"

On Sunday, we tried to take the kids to church, but left about 20 minutes into it.... it just wasn't going to work. After a little convincing, (I don't enjoy driving), we went for a drive and saw beautiful Panguitch Lake and it was worth it... just beautiful. Then we took the kids on a little hike up the mountain, and played some Gang of Four with the in-laws. (Chad won... as usual) On Monday, we headed to the Parowan Labor Day Parade... what a cute town! The kids were begging to come every year. I think we may have to make it a tradition.

Parowan Labor Day Parade. Aren't those tractors great!

Corn Dogs at the Fair.... Actually, Kate just licked the ketchup off the corn dog.

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