Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Ally!

It's my baby sister Ally's birthday today... Ally is 10 years younger than me, but I truly look up to her. She is kind, thoughtful, beautiful, caring, and always puts others first. She is serving constantly and never seeks recognition. Allyson is amazing and I wish I was more like her. It's amazing how I feel like I was in my dorm room at BYU a second ago with my little 8-year-old sister visiting me, and now she's at college and my little 7-year-old goes and visits her. Aunt Ally is so loved by my kiddos. She is the all time famous "Colored Milk Maker," and they simply adore her.

Happy 19th Birthday AL PAL! You deserve the best day ever.

Here is the gift I made her: Crafty Jar from Ikea, Sketch book from Aaron Brothers.

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Kristen said...

happy bday, ally!!
I can't believe you're 19. because like jennie said, it really does feel like A SECOND AGO that WE were your age and you were taylor's. crazy. have so much fun on your day. you're beautiful!